Comedy: Aminah (2019)
What's it about? Two flatmates start off on the wrong foot.
Colossal personal loss, unrelenting hunger and chronic destitution - this film is about none of those things. It’s about one woman’s kaleidoscopic enthusiasm to connect with her unemotionally evasive new housemate using progressively desperate friendly advances. Unfiltered excitement and systematic aloofness butt heads in this exciting new comedy short.
OFFICIAL SELECTION // Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2020 (BAFTA Cymru Qualifying)
OFFICIAL SELECTION // Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 (Nightpiece Film Festival)

Aminah was accepted to the BAFTA Cymru qualifying Carmarthen Bay film festival

Nimisha Odedra from Man like Mobeen (BBC3), Modern Horror stories (Comedy Central), So Beano! (SKY) 
Yuyu Rau from Chinese Burns (BBC3)
Production Crew
Associate Producer: Neevon Daryan
Cinematographer: Marlene Fernandez
Sound Recordist: Freddie Nevison
Writer & Director: Isaac Williams
Colour Grade: Teresa Braida

Special thanks: Charlie Smith & Emily Assheton
MUA: Alice Benigno
Sound Mix: Toby Campen

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