Spec Commercial: Kit Kat
What's it about? A jogger finds a magic lamp.
The filming took place in Bournemouth on a cold winter's weekend, with. This spec advert was directed and written inside of a week. It was also a first attempt at cloning and special effects. 
We collaborated closely with VFX artist Tord Tonnessen before the shoot to ensure for a smooth post production workflow. The graphics were created on Nuke.
In the end the weather held out and we managed to shoot some beautiful Dorset scenery and capture the final shot in the magic hour.
Production Crew
Editor: Teresa Braida
Cinematographer: Clemens Majunke
Producer: Sheila Silveira
Digital Effects: Tord Liljedahl Tønnesen
Sound Designer & Recordist: Kankawee Nilthajan
Sound Mixer: Toby Campen
Starring Lucy Harwood

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